Alumnos 2

Courtesy of Didier Faustino

Courtesy of Didier Faustino

Alumnos, Library & Art Center
Mexico City, Mexico

Museum/Cultural Institution

Designed by Didier Fiuza Faustino, based in Paris, this foundation building for arts and literacy institution Alumnos brings together a library, café, exhibition space, offices, and an artist residency in a capsule-based series of structures set in a tropical garden in the center of Mexico City. The project is currently in design development. “David van der Leer advised us for almost five years while we were conceptualizing a new foundation focused on art and literacy in Mexico City. David took me to far flung places around the world and taught me about the value of design. He created a selection process that connected us to fantastic designers, but, more importantly, his creative insight helped us shape our programs. For instance, he suggested that we create a library bus connecting us to underserved communities around the city. I would work with him and his new agency again in a heartbeat.”– Moises Coscio, founder, Alumnos


– Forecasting through qualitative and quantitative research
– Leadership trips to explore reference projects internationally and meet potential designers
– Mission and vision development

Selection Processes

– Space program development
– Design brief development
– Team sourcing and structuring (project managers, local architects, and engineers)
– Selection process creation and implementation (Invited commission from long listed firms)


– Workshops and training to Alumnos leadership on effective design decisions
– Vision and program refinement with designers and clients
– Design reviews and guidance
– Management of design processes
– Intermediary services with core consultants on design issues

Courtesy of Didier Faustino