Alumnos 1

Photos by Productora

Photos by Productora

Alumnos 1
Mexico City, Mexico

Museum/Cultural Institution

Designed by Productora, an architecture practice in Mexico City, this mobile art library for arts and literacy institution Alumnos brings the institution deep into neighborhoods whose residents would otherwise never visit the Alumnos hub in the center of the city. The bus houses 1500 books and is used actively for educational projects and events around Mexico City. “David van der Leer advised us for almost five years while we were conceptualizing a new foundation focused on art and literacy in Mexico City. David took me to far flung places around the world and taught me about the value of design. He created a selection process that connected us to fantastic designers, but, more importantly, his creative insight helped us shape our programs. For instance, he suggested that we create a library bus connecting us to underserved communities around the city. I would work with him and his new agency again in a heartbeat.”– Moises Coscio, founder, Alumnos


– Forecasting through qualitative and quantitative research
– Concept development

Selection Processes

– Space program development
– Design brief development Concept development


– Vision and program refinement with designers and clients
– Design reviews and guidance
– Management of design processes
– Intermediary services with core consultants on design issues