DVDL Design Decisions is an agency facilitating outstanding architecture for the 21st century. DVDL Design Decisions helps decision makers explore the extraordinary capacity of design, enjoy the thrill of the process, and make impactful design decisions. Design is a powerful tool to bring people together, enhance culture, create productivity, shape behavior, and improve everyday life. Creating exceptional architecture is about more than finding the best designer for a project. At DVDL Design Decisions, we believe that the best design projects are the result of a solid research-guided mission and vision, and of close collaboration between clients and architects. Based in New York City, DVDL Design Decisions develops bespoke processes for institutions, corporations, and individuals to research and evolve their program, select and collaborate with designers, and make compelling design decisions.

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DVDL Design Decisions is located in Manhattan, New York City, and we are only a phone call, bike ride, train ride, or flight away. You can reach us at: david@dvdl-designdecisions.com


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